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Dr. Moshe Rubin, of New York, New York uses his expertise in gastroenterology to diagnose and treat an array of digestive disorders. Using colonoscopy, a diagnostic tool, to gather important information about your digestive health, Dr. Rubin can create an individualized plan of care for your gastrointestinal conditions. Call or book your appointment online today for your own expert consultation.

Colonoscopy Q & A

What is a colonoscopy?

A colonoscopy is a tool used to enable Dr. Rubin, your gastroenterologist, to visualize your large intestine and colon. Using a flexible tube with a small camera on the tip inserted into the rectum, the doctor is able to get an accurate picture of your colon.

A colonoscopy is used both preventively and diagnostically to find any structures within the intestines and colon that may signal colon cancer, colon polyps, gastrointestinal bleeding, and other gastrointestinal disorders.

How do I prepare for a colonoscopy?

If Dr. Rubin feels you need a colonoscopy, he will give you instructions on how to prepare for this procedure. It is important that your gastrointestinal tract is cleaned out, in order to visualize that area well.

Some things you may be instructed to do the day or few days before:

  • Avoid stringy or bulky foods
  • Avoid foods with seeds
  • Avoid foods with red food dye (like red jello)
  • Drink a colon cleansing solution or other bowel cleansing regimen
  • Hold medications as ordered by your doctor

What should I expect the day of my colonoscopy?

Dr. Rubin is very experienced in performing this procedure, and will be happy to answer any questions you may have as you anticipate this procedure. Here are some things you can expect the day of your procedure:

  • You will be asked to dress in a gown
  • You will be given light anesthesia monitored by experienced anesthesiologists
  • The medical team will help you lie comfortably on your side
  • The doctor will insert the tube and camera into your rectum
  • Air will be used to inflate your digestive tract
  • The doctor may take small samples of tissues, if needed
  • The procedure will take about 20-30 minutes
  • It will take you about an hour to recover from the sedation
  • You will need to plan on not returning to work, or driving yourself home

Dr. Rubin will either discuss the results of your colonoscopy the day of the procedure, or soon after in this office.

If you are in need of a colonoscopy, please call or book your appointment online today.